DAY 19



These verses give us practical handles on what it looks like to walk in the life of the Spirit. If we live in the Spirit, we should walk in the Spirit. Beautiful kingdom fruit is being produced in our lives because of the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives, and there are practical things we do because we are Spirit-led people. The person who isn’t demonstrating the evidence of fruit in their lives is highly likely not walking in the Spirit. In the same way, the person who is not serving people in love in the practical ways Paul lays out here at the beginning of chapter 6 is highly likely not walking in the Spirit.
The practical Spirit-led activities addressed are:
    1. Dealing with a Christian who has sinned in a way that restores that person to wholeness. We don’t pass judgement on them. We don’t leave them in that place either.
    2. Helping others in carrying their burdens.
    3. Humility.
    4. Examining the work of our own lives and not comparing ourselves and our progress to that of others.
    5. Sharing in generosity with those who teach us spiritually.
    6. Sowing to the Spirit and not to our flesh.
    7. Doing good to all.

    This kind of life goes way above and beyond the Mosaic Law. Life in the Spirit cannot be compared to life trying to keep Jewish customs and Jewish cultural obligations and Jewish feasts and Jewish moral laws and sacrifices. Life in the Spirit also cannot be compared to trying in our own humanity to be holy and pleasing to God. Anything that we try to do by religious effort will always fall flat before God and lead us into disillusionment and failure. We can try to disguise this with so-called humility and spiritually sounding jargon but life itself sees right through these facades and will always bring us back to the end of ourselves. Life in the Spirit goes way beyond all of these attempts at self-effort (including attempts to be Jewish) and also carries with it a joy and a freedom that can never be even comprehended let alone attained under legalism and moralistic living.

    The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Gift of the New Covenant. He is the Gift of the Father. He is the Promise of the Father. The highest blessing you can get from God in this life is the Holy Spirit. He is the promise of Abraham. He is the answer to the Lord’s Prayer: Your kingdom come, Your will be done. God will answer this prayer by giving us the Holy Spirit. Walk in Him. Sow to Him. And we will reap everlasting life.



      1. How do I view and treat someone who has fallen into sin?

      2. What three things can I do today and this week to sow to the Spirit?

      3. What is one thing I can do today to grow my relationship with the Holy Spirit?