DAY 15



To understand the Gospel, we have to understand that there are different covenants in the Bible and we need to know which covenant we are in. There was the Old Covenant that God made with the Israelite people, and there is the New Covenant which God made with Jesus, and this is our covenant because we are in Jesus. The New Covenant has replaced the Old Covenant. Paul is very clearly explains these two covenants in these verses. He is not mincing any words when he speaks to those who desire to be under the law that the law itself agrees with what he is saying. It is amazing that if we don’t fight to stay in faith, and we start to add legalism or the works of the law to our lives, eventually we will find ourselves wanting to be under the law. And Paul is passionately trying to keep the Galatian church from that place, and to keep you and I from that place.
Abraham had two sons, one from a woman in bondage and one from a woman who was free. Abraham tried to help God in His promise to Abraham that he would have a son. In so doing, he tried to make it happen in his own humanity. This is what it means to be in the flesh. But Isaac, the other son, was born supernaturally by the promise of God according to the Spirit. The women, Hagar and Sarah, represent the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Hagar was a slave so she gave birth to a slave. Sarah was free and so she gave birth to a son who was free. Hagar represents the physical Jerusalem which is the physical reality of the Old Covenant and is in bondage with everyone under that Covenant. Sarah represents the heavenly Jerusalem which is the New Covenant that produces free people. Paul calls the heavenly Jerusalem the “mother of us all”.

    And just as Ishmael the slave son persecuted Isaac the son of promise, so you and I who are free will be persecuted by those who love legalism. Those who love the things of the Old Covenant will persecute those who are free in the New Covenant, trying to get them into the same bondage. Legalism is nasty. But Old Covenant legalism will never inherit what Jesus died for. The promises of God are for you and I who are free.



      1. What is the main difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant?
        2. Am I a child of the earthly Jerusalem or a child of the heavenly Jerusalem?
          3. Can I see the effects of the freedom of the New Covenant in my life?