DAY 12



How do you know you are saved? The Holy Spirit dwells inside you and cries out “Abba Father”. How do you know you are saved? You know that you are a son or a daughter, and God is your Father. There is a cry on the inside of you for your Dad. We often say “sons and daughters” to help us make sense of this relationship with God whether we are male or female. But the Bible just calls us “sons”. The reason for this is found in verse 28 of chapter 3 where we are told that “in Christ”, we are one! Through faith in Jesus we become one with each other in Jesus the Son, so we all identify with the Son as sons! Isn’t that incredible?
Legalism distances us from genuine loving relationship. When we hear God speak to us as His children, there is no desire anymore to perform, to prove. The Father said to Jesus before He had done performed any miracle, “This is My beloved Son!” If you are saved you will hear these words spoken over your life by the Supreme Ruler of the universe: This is My daughter, this is My son.
    For the Christian, it is the most natural thing in the world to call God your Father. We feel His love. We are comfortable in His presence. We have no fear except the fear of displeasing Him. When we pray, our prayer has a rich relationship in it – Abba Father! We don’t act like slaves because we are children of a mighty King. We rejoice because of the promises God has spoken over us. We are adopted into God’s family. And God will never kick us out. Eternal life means: it never comes to an end. It’s eternal! We can live on this earth as people who have a relationship with the Eternal God that neither this life nor the life to come can ever remove from us. And there is such a rich inheritance for us now in this life and in the life to come which is hard to even begin to comprehend. The Bible calls us heirs of God. That’s what it means to be sons of God.


      1. Spiritually we are all sons of God if we have put our faith in Jesus. Think of some of the privileges and responsibilities of being God’s son?
        2. Do you find it easy to call God, “Father”?
          3. The Bible calls us heirs of God. What do you think is available to us to inherit?