Isn’t it incredible that the Gospel was preached to Abraham hundreds of years before Jesus was born? The way God has put His Scriptures together for us is mind blowing, weaving the promise of the Gospel in everywhere. Paul speaks of the Scriptures in verse 8 with such high regard, speaking of the Scriptures as he would speak of God. After all, the Scriptures are God’s Word to you and I. There were many godly people before Abraham, but what makes Abraham so unique is that he was the first person spoken of in Scripture to be declared righteous simply because he believed what God said. God said to Abraham that he would have a son, and Abraham believed God, and God accounted it to Abraham as righteousness. Abraham’s faith resulted in him being declared righteous. Righteousness was put to Abraham’s account. Abraham didn’t perform some religious activity, he just believed what God said. And God accepted him. Being declared righteous by God means that God accepts you. Another word for this is justification. Paul makes it clear that Abraham was not accepted by God because of something he did, but because of something he believed.
God gave Abraham incredible promises and incredible blessings, the most important being that Jesus would come through his lineage. All the nations of the world would be blessed through Abraham because of Jesus. The Jews considered themselves children of Abraham. The legalists that were pushing the Galatian church to take on the Law as a way to become more godly considered themselves children of Abraham. But they were more interested in human religion than faith. And Paul makes it as clear as day in these verses that only those who are of faith are Abraham’s children, and only those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham.

    Abraham was blessed with being declared righteous. And Abraham became our model for how to become righteous when God said that all nations would be blessed through him. God would “justify the Gentiles by faith” (verse 8). That’s you and me! When we put our faith in Jesus, we are accepted by God, justified in His eyes just as Abraham was. What a privilege to be children of Abraham.


    1. What does it mean to be justified?
      2.How was Abraham justified?
        3. Can you name some of the blessings that God gave to Abraham in the book of Genesis that are yours because of your faith in Jesus?