Paul reminds us that our experience of the Gospel (the good news) of Jesus begins with the Cross. Jesus is clearly portrayed to us as crucified for our sin, and we put our faith in Him as a result.
So, with such a clear portrayal of Jesus’ crucifixion, Paul is incredulous that these Galatians could even consider going back to the law. When you have been given the very substance of life, why would you in your right mind want to start trusting in your own law-keeping efforts again? Paul says the only possible explanation is that they have been bewitched, that they have fallen under a religious law-keeping spell. No one in their right mind would trade the Holy Spirit for anything. “Having begun in the Spirit, are you being made perfect in the flesh?” (Gal 3:3) The word “flesh” can mean a few different things. It can mean “our physical body” as it was used in Galatians 2:20. It can be used to mean all people, “all flesh”. Here it means “our own effort apart from faith”. And Paul’s argument is that the wonderful, awesome, amazing Holy Spirit is proof that God is interested in faith and not in man-made self-righteous efforts that make us feel more spiritual when we are obeying some law, even the law that God gave in the Old Covenant.
    Believing the preaching of the Gospel always leads to the experience of the Holy Spirit. Instead of the Law we receive the Holy Spirit. The Father is on His throne in heaven. Jesus is seated at His right hand. The Holy Spirit is the only One of the God-head that you and I have actually met in Person. He is the Spirit of Christ. He is the Spirit of the Father. It’s the mystery of the Trinity. He is our deposit made by the Father on our future inheritance. Where the Holy Spirit is, there are miracles. God supplies the Spirit to us and works miracles among us by “the hearing of faith” (Gal 3:5). 


      1. How often do you spend time thinking about what Jesus did for you on the Cross? 
        2. Can you clearly see Jesus crucified for you personally?
          3. Is the Holy Spirit as real to you as Jesus would be if He was walking next to you in person?