Paul is continuing to answer the big question “does the Gospel lead to living sinfully; living how you want?” We must realise that to truly come alive to God, we have to die to the law. To truly live a godly life, we have to die to the law. Let’s be blunt, to truly live a godly, holy life, we have to die to the 10 commandments. They are as much a part of the law as any other part. Paul never separates the Law into sections as people often do. He never picks and chooses the parts of the Law that he likes and discards the parts he doesn’t like. No, the entire Law is one (Galatians 5:3). Picking and choosing the parts of the Law you like leads to legalistic Christianity with very little of the life of God in it.
I died to the law when I put my faith in Jesus. This is a fact. You and I didn’t feel anything, it is just what happened. The law demands my death. Jesus dies in my place. The moment I put my faith in Jesus I join Him in death, in crucifixion, and I am now dead to the law. Which means I am now free from the law. The law declares me free because my payment demanded by the law has been made which is my death. Jesus dies for me. I die with Him when I put my faith in Him. And in His coming back to life I come back to life. Now I live to God. I am no longer under the law. I am in the Spirit. Hallelujah!!
    Verse 20 speaks of the moment of salvation, not something we work ourselves into through moralistic living. And this is now the truth of every day that we live. We were saved by Jesus and we live by faith in Jesus! We are not saved by faith and then we live by the law. No, it’s always by faith. And the glorious thing is that the Gospel doesn’t lead us to sin but to life!
      The person I was is dead. I am a new person. I have died to the country called sin. I have died to the country called condemnation. Sin and condemnation have no hold in me. This is absolutely true at the moment of salvation! I don’t grow into this. I start my Christian life in this position. Wow! The person I once was is gone forever. Christ lives in me.


        1. What is your understanding of legalistic Christianity? Do you recognise legalistic tendencies in your own life?
          2. Legalism kills the life of God. Where the life of God is, there is righteousness, peace and joy. Is righteousness, peace and joy evident in your life?
            3. What happens at the moment you put your faith in Jesus?