Paul’s confrontation with Peter in verses 14-21 is worth spending much time thinking through with the Holy Spirit. It includes his glorious statement of the Gospel. It’s important to see though, that Peter was not adopting the teaching of these “false brothers’. Rather, he was failing to work out the Gospel he believed in. If God accepts us freely as we trust in Jesus, surely we are to accept others freely as they trust in Jesus. Fear of man crippled Peter’s application of the Gospel.

Paul, in verse 16, gives us this glorious statement of how we get Salvation: Faith in Jesus alone, by grace alone. And this needs to remain true from day 1 of our Christian life to our final day on earth. 


1. Faith: believing as truth that which you cannot see. This is the only thing that pleases God.
    2. Grace: we receive salvation as a gift from God, we did not do anything to lay claim to salvation through anything in and of ourselves.
      3. Justification: our righteousness in the eyes of God. When God ‘justifies’ us, He says, “I pronounce you righteous in my sight – for the sake of Jesus. I reckon you righteous in Christ.” Justification is the righteous status we have when Christ becomes our Saviour. We might still have many weaknesses. We are far from being perfect. We are a long way from being like Jesus. But we are reckoned as being as righteous as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. We are “justified” in the sight of God.
        We must also remember that Paul constantly has the whole Law in mind as he writes to the Galatians. Paul doesn’t say, “justified by some of the works of the law.” No, he is all inclusive. He doesn’t say “faith in Jesus plus the ten commandments”. No it’s faith in Jesus minus nothing. And faith in Jesus plus nothing. Even Peter and Paul who are Jewish, who have the Law and the Prophets, who have the promises of God, were not saved by keeping the Law. They were saved through faith in Jesus. And this is a work of grace (Galatians 1:15 “…called me through His grace”).


          1. How does it make you feel as you realise there is nothing you can do to earn your Salvation?
            2. Do you find yourself thrilled by God’s grace and willing to rest in that alone or do you find yourself wanting to add to His grace with some obligation on your part?

              3. How justified are you?