Paul, the defender of the Jewish Law and culture and the persecutor of the Church, had his world turned upside down when he met Jesus on his way to Damascus. God revealed Jesus to Paul and commissioned him to preach the Gospel. Paul had been preaching Jesus for more than 14 years when he went to Jerusalem to share with the leaders there the Gospel he had been preaching. He did this because truth is always outworked in community. We need to always be wary of the lone ranger who isn’t willing to submit themselves to the community of believers. Paul walked in honour and submission. We as Christians need each other. We need to be careful of the danger of living independent of the input of others.

The big issue that needed to be addressed and clarified in Paul’s visit to the Jerusalem church was whether non-Jews who became Christians needed to adopt Jewish ways. Circumcision was a sign that you were adopting Jewish culture and keeping the Law. There were people who were saying that Christians needed to be circumcised and keep the Law. Paul was very strong on this and said that these people were trying to bring Christians back into bondage. Paul’s visit clarified the Gospel with the other leaders. The case of Titus, a Gentile Christian, forced the church to make a decision to either accept Jewish Law keeping as part of the Gospel or not. They made a decision that the Gospel in itself was enough, and these “false brothers” were exposed and resisted. Freedom in the Gospel is worth fighting for. Let’s stay free in Jesus.


    1. Do you have someone in your life that you have allowed to speak into your life at any moment?

    2. Are you teachable when receiving input or do you often feel the need to defend yourself?

    3. In what ways has the truth of the Gospel brought freedom in your life?