(Extra reading: Galatians 1:13-24)


The Gospel of Jesus is not a human invention. This incredibly good news, in fact it seems almost too good to be true, was not thought up by Paul. No! This Gospel comes from God, not from man. It is the good news of how we can be saved and have life according to God and not according to man. The implication is that Jesus was no ordinary Human. He is God who walked among us. The true Gospel is preached when Jesus is revealed to us. Paul emphasises this because the message of Jesus as our Saviour, our Substitute, our Redeemer, our Life-giver, is an offensive message to the person who wants to earn his or her salvation. The idea that we cannot save ourselves goes directly against the human idea that we control our future, we control our destiny, we can earn what comes to us. The Gospel message flies in the face of any attempt on our part to earn our way into heaven. This is why it is a Gospel of Revelation. Naturally we cannot receive it because it is God’s Gospel. But He reveals it to us by His grace through the preaching of Jesus. Paul didn’t make this up. He didn’t receive it through human tradition or through human education. The Gospel Paul received came straight from God. The entire Gospel keeps surprising us. It’s a stumbling block to some and it is foolishness to others but to those who have had a revelation of Jesus it is the power of God to salvation. The Gospel is revealed, not invented.


    1. How was Jesus revealed to you the first time you saw Him for who He is?

    2. What is Jesus revealing to you about Himself at the moment?

    3. What is God powerfully working in you in this season?