October 26, 2013

About Us


Our Core Values

  1. Our first passion is God and His Kingdom therefore we live a lifestyle of extravagant worship, joy and gratitude.
  2. We delight in God’s inspired Word and in the Gospel and Kingdom Lifestyle it reveals.
  3. We value every person and build meaningful relationships.
  4. We embrace the biblical government model of the local Church with elders, who encourage the ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers who equip the saints for the work of the ministry and the raising up of leaders.
  5. We believe that every believer is a supernatural minister of the Gospel whom signs, wonders and miracles should follow.
  6. We aim to impact every socioeconomic group and cultural realm, seeking that Christ’s mercy and justice would reign and transform our city and beyond.
  7. We expect to successfully fulfill the Great Commission.

We desire to see an environment within Gates of Praise where the following are displayed…

A culture of the Goodness of God
A culture of Honour
A culture of the Supernatural
A culture of Salvation
A culture of the Prophetic
A culture of Generosity


Worship is our passion! We love to see Jesus made famous and we love being changed in His presence.


We believe that every human being was created to worship and can never reach their full potential until they’ve encountered Jesus Christ.
Our goal is to become more like Jesus and we know that this is only possible through supernatural encounters with Him. Our worship is passionate, full of life and something we do every day, not just on Sundays.


The personal, regional and global expansion of the kingdom of God through His manifest presence.